All About Sunscreen

This morning I walked the bridge and saw 6 dolphins playing in the river.  How lucky we are to live in this paradise!  Of course all the days of sunshine do take their toll unless we protect well.  I feel naked if I leave the house without sunscreen and you should too!  Sunscreen can be confusing but the fact is an SPF of 30 is perfect.  The 15 in makeup and moisturizer only leaves one 50% protected.  About 30 is fine but does not add much in protection.  There are chemical and physical sunscreens.  Physical is best using zinc or titanium to protect.  We have at least 4 different sunscreens that I love.  There are ones for light daily wear, ones that are ok for oily skin, ones that have tint, and even one that is FDA approved to prevent skin cancer.  There are studies that show skin improvement in using sunscreen alone.

Sunblock photo

These are our wonderful sunscreens!

So come on in and find the right one for you!








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