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Skin Resurfacing Snug HarborIf you want to check out a expert med spa, then you’ll be impressed with the services you can receive from us. Whether you need comfort or rejuvenation, this is the spot to treat yourself. Get it here! Back rubs are also one of our services. Come on down. Need a cleansing facial? You’re covered. Interested by laser lipo services? You can get that too. The terrific thing is we can tailor a package that meets all your needs. |Are you thinking about going to a med spa in for Skin Resurfacing services? You’ll have an fantastic experience when you visit us. We’re full service, so you can call us for any rejuvenation service you may need. Our services can be customized to fit your requirements. Contact us to make an appointment. |Do you ever wish you could pamper yourself without having going to several spots to obtain all of the services you want?You can get these services from us:

You can get these services from us:
* Skin Resurfacing
* facials
* back rubs
* injectables
* laser lipo
* hair elimination
* plus more!

Without a doubt, you’ll love our services. If you want a day of luxurious treatment, then visit our med spa. Give us a call to establish a free assessment. For a complimentary consultation, call us today. You’ll enjoy visiting our med spa. }

Administered and Supervised by a Board Licensed Medical professional

An injectable treatment is really only as good as the person carrying out the treatment. Our services are a cut above the rest. In fact, a medical professional monitors the whole med spa. You can always speak with our on staff physician about any our services.

You Can Finally Unwind and Treat Yourself

Our med spa is the place to go to forget your worries and do something good for yourself. Our renewal plans are just what you want when you’ve had a rough week.

A Med Spa With a Professional Personnel

the best Snug Harbor Skin Resurfacing

Itis very important to go to a med spa with an seasoned and compassionate personnel. After all, when you need a little renewal, you want to go to somebody who’s done this before. That’s where experience comes in. We understand ways to offer the very best services, due to the fact that we offered numerous med spa services, yet we still deal with all our clients like they’re the first person to ever stroll into the building. We’re excited to offer our services and we’ll ensure you have an outstanding time at our spa.

Skin Care Treatments

The Very Best Skin Care Treatments.

All the Skin Care Treatments Services You Might Want

Skin Care Treatments Palm CityVisit us for Skin Care Treatments. You can make an appointment with us! Massages are also one of our services. Visit us for that! Need a cleansing facial? We’ll make it happen. You can also get laser lipo here. You can get that too. A custom-made bundle is always readily available. Everything from Botox, massages, and facials are readily available. You’ll get customized services from us. A totally free examination is just a call away! |Do you ever want you could pamper yourself without having going to several spots to obtain all the services you want?





Call us for the following:
* Skin Care Treatments
* facials
* massages
* injectables
* laser lipo
* hair removal
* plus more!

You’ll soon find out that our services are the absolute best in town. Our med spa is the place to be if you really understand exactly what you want. Give us a call to establish a free assessment. Contact our office today to establish your visit. You’ll be glad you did. }

Check out Our Med Spa in and Speak with the Physician

Visiting our med spa is the smart thing to do if you want exceptional services. When you visit us you can feel confident that a medical professional will be on the premises. You’ll merely have a fantastic time when you visit us.

Get the Appearance You Want Fast

Wish to look better than ever? That’s precisely what you can expect from the Skin Care Treatments services at our med spa and you’ll see the results rapidly. Our services are diverse and can be utilized to attain the look you’ve been dreaming of. You can feel spoiled whenever you want, due to the fact that our facials and massages are the best.

A Med Spa With a Professional Staff

the best Palm City Skin Care Treatments

It’s important to go to a med spa with an seasoned and compassionate staff. After all, when you need a little rejuvenation, you want to go to somebody who’s done this in the past. That’s where experience comes in. We know the best ways to provide the very best services, due to the fact that we supplied numerous med spa services, but we still treat all our customers like they’re the first person to ever stroll into the building. We’re delighted to offer our services and we’ll make sure you have an outstanding time at our spa.

Younger Looking Skin!

We are constantly bombarded by this statement on TV, magazines, and the radio.  But what really works and what doesn’t?  I’m going to try to help most of you stop wasting time and money on products that don’t work and educate you about the science of the ones that I have found excellent results with.

First, the science lesson… As our skin ages and incurs sun damage, stress, and pollution, the cell turnover slows down.  The old cells accumulate on the surface, the pigment cells abnormally distribute pigment, and the collagen deep in the skin decreases.  Therefore, you begin to notice dull skin, freckles, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of natural elasticity, and dry skin or acne.  As you can see, making skin look younger by changing this all is complicated and will require multiple types of products that can penetrate deep into the skin to really work.  I have found such a system with multiple corrective products.

I  have put together multiple products for best results with skincare that gives dramatic positive changes. developed her own system of products   In order to get the best results with changing the skin you must correctly prepare the skin for the products, treat with a combination of prescription/nonprescription products (retin A and possibly hydroquinone), and most importantly, adequately protect the skin from further damage.  Dr. Barrett’s RENU system is a physician prescribed skin care system which accelerates cellular turnover from deep in the skin.  Fresher cells are pushed to the surface faster, pigmentation is treated, the appearance of new pigment is prevented, collagen and elastin are increased, and natural hydration is increased.  The results are smooth even toned, well hydrated skin with significant reduction in pigment (age spots and freckles), fine lines and wrinkles.

The creams are used twice a day at home and include everything from cleanser to sunscreen.  I have used multiple products on  myself and my clients for over sixteen years and have developed these systems with great success.  Clients see the products working and see excellent and corrective results where before with other products there were none.  Some of these products are prescription and should be carefully supervised by a physician.  I spend time educating my clients when they start, see them back regularly, and therefore have a great success rate.  Each regimen is carefully tailored to each client’s skin type and lifestyle and questions are encouraged.

There are many procedures we can do to look younger such as Botox®, filler, Ultherapy®, and even surgery.   However, I feel that the building block to all of this is healthy and younger appearing skin.  Without this the other procedures may be a waste of time and money.  With correct skincare the satisfaction with the other procedures is exponential.  So take some time and transform your skin with Dr. Barrett’s RENU skin regimen made especially for you.  As I have heard from countless clients…it really works!

Valerie Barrett, MD is the physician for RENU Medical Aesthetics located in Stuart and Tequesta.   She can be reached at 772-266-4450/561-406-6123 for a consultation.


Many new patients I see come in asking for Botox and the mouth or Juvederm the forehead or a peel to tighten their skin. These are all improper uses of these products. However it tells me that everyone is aware of these products, aware they want to look younger but are confused about how to proceed. It is for this reason that I have trademarked the RENU Lift™ When I see a new patient, I ask them to look in the mirror and give me a list of their concerns in order of priority. With the information they give me, I make them aware of their options and guide them to formulate a plan for rejuvenation. This is different for everyone. For a younger women, their lift may be only ZO Ski8n Health products or a mild peel to give them back their glow. Many faces actually need more volume and lift and would be happiest with Radiesse or Sculptra to naturally look 5-10 years younger. Some want to take it slow but most want immediate results. Everyone wants to look and feel better and that’s what the RENU Lift is all about. So come on in and get a free consultation with me and see what YOUR RENU Lift™is

All About Sunscreen

This morning I walked the bridge and saw 6 dolphins playing in the river.  How lucky we are to live in this paradise!  Of course all the days of sunshine do take their toll unless we protect well.  I feel naked if I leave the house without sunscreen and you should too!  Sunscreen can be confusing but the fact is an SPF of 30 is perfect.  The 15 in makeup and moisturizer only leaves one 50% protected.  About 30 is fine but does not add much in protection.  There are chemical and physical sunscreens.  Physical is best using zinc or titanium to protect.  We have at least 4 different sunscreens that I love.  There are ones for light daily wear, ones that are ok for oily skin, ones that have tint, and even one that is FDA approved to prevent skin cancer.  There are studies that show skin improvement in using sunscreen alone.

Sunblock photo

These are our wonderful sunscreens!

So come on in and find the right one for you!








Chiropractor sought by Doctor office in Stuart, FL. Requires Doctor of Chiropractic degree, FL License to practice. 6 month experience. Resume to: President (code 12-4122A) Dr. Valerie A. Barrett, MD P.A., 845 SE Osceola St, Stuart, Florida 34994