Why Use Dysport

Just because you’re growing older, doesn’t mean you have to look older. Let wrinkles, lines, and folds be for everyone else. You can smooth them away with Dysport. This injectable is your key to a more youthful and refreshed you.

Where to Use Dysport

This treatment is a great way to treat wrinkles and lines on the face. Here are some specific areas to treat:

  • crow’s feet
  • bunny lines
  • frown lines
  • worry lines
  • chin lines
  • neck lines
  • lipstick lines
  • forehead lines

At RENU Medical Aesthetics, we provide quality, honest and meaningful care to our clients. That’s why we are now offering the Endymed to help tighten up those loose or sagging skin.

What to Use It for

You’ll be glad to know that this treatment can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few of them:

  • smooth/tighten skin
  • smooth lines/wrinkles
  • brow lift
  • cheek lift
  • even out skin tone
  • improve skin texture

What About Results?

You may notice results within the first 24 hours of the injections. These results may last 3 to 6 months. Individual results vary.

Be sure to take advantage of our Neck Lift treatment a non-surgical treatment that can be used to create a more youthful looking you that everyone will still recognize.