Facial Vessels & IPL in Stuart and Jupiter

New advances in laser technology permit the safe and effective removal of small, spider-like veins on the face and nose called telangectasia.  These veins are:

  • generally part of the aging process
  • the result of over exposure to the sun
  • the result of hormones
  • simply due to genetics

Most people feel that these capillaries detract from their appearance. With a quick and easy laser treatment,
there is no longer a reason you must live with this condition.

Get fast, easy and comfortable vessel treatments.

  • Get clearer skin without broken vessels and spider veins
  • Works on your face, nose, cheeks and chin
  • It’s easy with our advanced laser technology
  • Without surgery and without downtime.

This specifically treats broken capillaries and/or vessels on the face. The wavelength of the laser is absorbed by the color of blood in the vessels thus ‘sealing’ them and rendering them invisible.

The veins usually disappear/empty immediately and very few recur or require a second treatment. The
treatment is relatively free of side effects and there is usually very minimal discomfort or redness which usually resolves in a couple of hours.

The procedure is relatively quick. No anesthesia is required. The patient wears goggles to protect their eyes from the laser light. The laser light is placed across the damaged capillaries causing these capillaries to go into spasm and disappear as they are being treated.

RENU Medical Spa specializes in cosmetic & beauty treatments and with our RENU Laser Eyelift you can achieve wrinkle free skin.