Have your lips thinned over the course of time? Where your lips never full to begin without? Whatever your reason for wanting plumper lips, you can use Juvederm Ultra to to add fullness to your lips. The results are natural looking and the only one who has to know is you. You can also use Juvederm Ultra to fill in lines around the mouth. All in all, this filler is just what you need to transform your lips and the skin that surrounds it.

If you have a larger area of wrinkles that you want to treat around your mouth and nose, Juvederm Ultra Plus can be used for optimal results. When you come in for your consultation with the doctor you’ll find out which treatment is best for your desired outcome. In any case, you’ll look like yourself, just better.

RENU Medical Spa specializes in cosmetic & beauty treatments and with our RENU Lift (TM) you can achieve a wrinkle-free skin.