For the love of Laser! By Valerie A. Barrett, MD

I’m sure many of you have heard about laser treatments for the face.  I would like to help you understand more about these treatments and the ups and downs of specific ones.

Laser is light, just like on star wars.  There are different wavelengths of light used to target different aspects of the skin.  There are lasers to treat hair, blood vessels, spots, and wrinkles.  It is always best to use a different laser or wavelength of light for each of these uses.  For wrinkles, CO2 laser has always been the gold standard.   Many people have undergone “laser resurfacing “ in the past with these and have had marvelous results with skin tightening, wrinkle smoothing, and treatment of sun damage.  However, there was always the 3 weeks of healing, pain, risk of scarring, and risk of pigment changes.  These downsides had always kept me away from doing these procedures and have created a healthy fear among patients.

Enter, fractionated laser…!  Fractionated laser has revolutionized laser resurfacing as we know it.  The same wavelength is used but it is done in tiny dots and leaves tiny dots of healthy tissue in between.  The end result is the same but with only 1 week of healing, far less discomfort, no scarring, and no pigment changes.  The procedure is quick and relatively painless with the help of numbing cream.  In most cases it is a single procedure and within weeks a spectacular result is seen.  Deep wrinkles smooth or disappear, spots are gone, and skin is tighter.  I especially love this for treating lines around the lips and eyes!  When combined with Ultherapy®, a skin tightening procedure, the results rival surgery but are very natural.

There are a handful of machines out there with fractionated CO2 laser.  The one I use is called Smartxide DOT.  I like it for the ease of use, wonderful results, and safety.  My before and after photos are simply amazing!  As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to be sure you are under the care and supervision of a qualified professional with experience.

To learn more about Smartxide DOT treatment you can go to the website,  or view the procedure being performed on YouTube.   Thorough consultation and planning is necessary prior to undergoing a CO2 laser treatment, but once you’ve tried the Smartxide DOT, you too will be in love!


Dr. Barrett practices at RENU Medical Aesthetics located Stuart and Tequesta and can be reached at 772-266-4450 and 561-406-6123 for more information or a complimentary consultation.

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