Many new patients I see come in asking for Botox and the mouth or Juvederm the forehead or a peel to tighten their skin. These are all improper uses of these products. However it tells me that everyone is aware of these products, aware they want to look younger but are confused about how to proceed. It is for this reason that I have trademarked the RENU Lift™ When I see a new patient, I ask them to look in the mirror and give me a list of their concerns in order of priority. With the information they give me, I make them aware of their options and guide them to formulate a plan for rejuvenation. This is different for everyone. For a younger women, their lift may be only ZO Ski8n Health products or a mild peel to give them back their glow. Many faces actually need more volume and lift and would be happiest with Radiesse or Sculptra to naturally look 5-10 years younger. Some want to take it slow but most want immediate results. Everyone wants to look and feel better and that’s what the RENU Lift is all about. So come on in and get a free consultation with me and see what YOUR RENU Lift™is