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Tequesta Residents Ask: Does Botox® Effectively Treat Migraines?

Dermal Fillers and Injectables in Jupiter and Port St Lucie, FLAnyone who has ever experienced a migraine will know how difficult it can be. Much more challenging than a headache, migraines can interfere with performing even normal daily functions. And if you are a frequent migraine sufferer, it is likely that you have begun searching for a solution to reduce your chances of being struck by a migraine again. So if you have been wondering if Botox® is effective for treating migraines, allow us to explain:

Botox® Can Offer Migraine Relief

The short answer is that yes, Botox® can offer migraine relief for many patients. This injectable is FDA-approved for adults who have a history of migraines and have headaches most days of the month, the majority of which are migraines. Patients who fit this demographic have found that Botox® allowed them to have more headache-free days and take fewer days off of work.

Of course, the best way to determine if your symptoms make you eligible to use Botox® is to schedule a consultation. This will give you plenty of time to speak with Dr. Barrett regarding your concerns, so she can make a treatment plan that will work for you.

The Cost is Tailored to Your Treatment

Due to the fact that each patient will require a different approach to address their migraine headaches, we price each procedure on an individual basis. This allows us to ensure that you receive the exact treatment you need.

If the potential cost of your procedure has caused you to worry, rest assured, our team understands what a substantial investment it can be. That is why we are proud to accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit®. Your unique cost will be calculated at the time of your consultation and we would be glad to discuss this and your preferred payment method at that time.

The Results are Impressive

As is the case with any dermal filler or injectable, the results of your Botox® injection will not last forever. However, it can provide sustained relief for several months, at which point, you may elect to schedule a maintenance procedure, to continue keeping your migraines at bay.

Address Your Migraines, Today

Migraines can feel as though they are taking over your life. However, with the help of Botox®, they don’t have to. If you have been curious about this procedure and are ready to learn more, our team is ready to assist you. We have already helped countless Tequesta, FL, residents address their migraines and experience more pain-free days. Now, we are ready to do the same for you. To learn more and schedule your consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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