When you look in the mirror do you notice your cheeks aren’t as full as they used to be? Maybe your face looks flatter than it used to. Don’t worry, as we age, we lose volume in the face. The good thing is that volume can easily be replaced with Voluma. This injectable filler is just what you need to recapture your youthful appearance in a natural and graceful way.

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Replace Lost Volume With Voluma

Where to Use Voluma
The best place to use Voluma is in the cheeks. It can be placed over your cheekbones to create a chiseled and full look. Flat and dented cheeks will be a thing of the past.
Will It Make My Face Fat?
You won’t ever have to worry about this when working with Dr. Barrett. She’s an experienced and thoughtful injector who will create a natural and full look in your cheeks. If anything, your beauty will be enhanced.
How Long Do Injections Last?
The injection may last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. However, individual results vary.

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